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Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Forked Sundew in flower in the swamps

The striking pure white flowers of the tall, "Forked Sundews" (Drosera binata) are dominant in the wet boggy areas of our Southern Highlands at present.

The leaves of this plant remind me of tiny Reindeer Antlers.

Note the curled-up tips of the forked leaves.
Here is the Illustration from PlantNET.
Here are the leaves and flowers "in situ".
Click to enlarge the image.
Look for the reddish stems.
Another view of the same group of plants.
The low-growing green mats
are groups of small Selaginella plants

But the flowers emerge straight up from the base on an unforked stem. There are numerous white flower buds per stem.

Beautiful pure-white flowers of Drosera binata.

These large patches of white coming from the mud and the ooze of a boggy patch of a farm look quite out of place.

Life is full of surprises.