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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drizzle and slippery mud.

It has been raining in Robertson, off and on, for several days. Not a lot of rain (10mm over 3 days), but somehow it has been enough to make my red soil as slippery as glass. The soil here has an extremely fine texture, so when it is wet, it just turns to mud, slippery mud. The local shops have signs always at the ready "Caution floor slippery when wet". That is because of mud tramped into the shops from people's boots. It is inevitable.

This shot is an old image, taken looking below the house.
It shows the red soil though.
These days some of these "seedlings" planted out here are 25 feet high.
That's another feature of the red soil of Robertson, its fertility.
Today my car started to slide sideways down the hill in front of my house as I drove down the hill, to complete the circuit from my top driveway, across in front of my house, and down the hill to my side gate. I have been using this "circuit" for the last two months or more, with no hitches previously, but today, I went into a sideways slide, at less than 5 Km per hour. Scary, but ridiculous.

I was able to stop before I careered sideways into my bed of my favourite Peonies, planted in front of my house. I knew I was in no danger, but I was certainly concerned for the Peonies, but they are fine. The next thing was could I back out, up the hill? After chocking my wheels, I was able to reverse back up the hill about two car-lengths, in 4WD mode, fortunately. Then I could drive safely away, forwards, and down the hill. But even then, I could feel the rear end wandering away sideways, somewhat. Clearly I need to arrange for a load of blue metal to be dumped on my front driveway area, as soon as the weather dries up.

Until then, I clearly cannot drive my car off the formal driveway, which is made of compacted "road base".

I shall have to warn Brendan not to attempt to drive his vehicle into the front yard, when next he returns.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anyone for Potatoes?

You have heard me make regular comments about the "deep, rich red basalt soil of Robertson".
This is what I mean.

This photo was taken on 29 December, in the late afternoon light - hence the strong shadows in the foreground. The paddock had just been ploughed several days before, which is why it is looking so fresh. But this is Robertson potato growing soil at its finest. Deep rich soil on rolling, perfectly drained hills.In case you think that this soil is unusual, or "special" in Robertson - look a this. We have just had a small section of footpath built beside the Illawarra Highway. Look at the colour of the soil. Under the footpath, under the road, and now in a newly created section of waste land beside a road. I am sure the weeds will grow magnificently.
Great soil, magnificent soil - going to waste in Robertson.
Anyone fancy proposing a Cooperative Vegetable Garden?

I am sure you could grow prize-winning Spuds at least.