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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anyone for Potatoes?

You have heard me make regular comments about the "deep, rich red basalt soil of Robertson".
This is what I mean.

This photo was taken on 29 December, in the late afternoon light - hence the strong shadows in the foreground. The paddock had just been ploughed several days before, which is why it is looking so fresh. But this is Robertson potato growing soil at its finest. Deep rich soil on rolling, perfectly drained hills.In case you think that this soil is unusual, or "special" in Robertson - look a this. We have just had a small section of footpath built beside the Illawarra Highway. Look at the colour of the soil. Under the footpath, under the road, and now in a newly created section of waste land beside a road. I am sure the weeds will grow magnificently.
Great soil, magnificent soil - going to waste in Robertson.
Anyone fancy proposing a Cooperative Vegetable Garden?

I am sure you could grow prize-winning Spuds at least.


mick said...

Great soil indeed. I think I need to send you some pics of the sand we have for soil up here!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
I think I can imagine your top quality sand.
It always amazes me that plants which are adapted to sand grow well in it.
That shows the power of plants, I suppose.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Denis,
Yep, beats our clay!
Love the alignment of the footpath around the power poles. Great for the skateboarders.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gouldiae
I wasn't going to mention the bumps around the power poles.
That's what happens when Council Engineers design a footpath. Locals are furious. They were prepared to build a narrow footpath for a fraction of the cost, but Council insisted it had to meet "Code" for a "shared pathway" - wide enough for pedestrians and cyclists.
Trouble is, it only goes half the length needed - guess why - too expensive!
Now, if it had been half the width...... ???
One day the other end of the path might get finished.
I really was talking about the soil - actually didn't wish to get into that - not here, not now. But as your sharp eyes noticed the obstacle course...
You are right - better than clay.

Tyto Tony said...

Get council to grow spuds - to fund paths!

Mark Young said...

With all the Potato growing soil, Robertson should expect an influx of Tasmanians on holiday looking for a little bit of home.

Greg Chapman said...

Oh thank God (well the Wingecarribee Shire Council) for the footpath :)

Not quite fully finished yet, only halfway. I would maybe like the council let me hand and foot print on the path, just like as the Kodak Theater in Hollywood USA :)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Greg
Sure - why not?
Let's ask Clr. Jim Mauger, seeing as it is outside his farm, gate?
I will mention it to the Chamber of Commerce too.
This half-way path is ridiculous. Point is, it needs to be completed all the way - at least to the Cheese Factory - that's what was promised by Council.
I'll back your idea.