Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grey skies and white flowers

Four nights ago we had a huge thunderstorm here in Robertson.
The morning after, as often happens, there was a thick fog - all day, and all day the next day and all day the next day.
The novelty of these thick summer fogs really wears off after three days.
This is the second "long fog" of the season - we had one which started at noon on Christmas Day, and lasted into the fourth day.

Anyway, here is an image of the fog at 7:28 PM on the third day of this fog - yesterday afternoon.
Sassafras trees in fog.
Far distant trees are just visible at 100 metres.
Today the weather was cloudy, but not foggy as such.
However, as the sun dropped low in the sky, the previously thick clouds thinned just enough to allow the sun to peer through as an orange globe. It was not the usual bright sunset - just a faint wash of rose colouring on the southern horizon, and the yellow globe.
Yesterday afternoon, one of the Oriental Liliums outside my front door decided to open. The flower is dotted with moisture from the fog.
But it is a lovely flower, with a sweet, but somewhat heavy perfume. The Moths love it, of course, as do I.As the flower is very fresh, the stamens have not yet started to open and release their pollen (a process common to most plants, but really easily observed on Liliums with their huge stamens, and red pollen).

I will photograph the open stamens tomorrow morning.


mick said...

The fog makes some beautiful photos but I'd rather not live with it for days on end! The Lillium is beautiful and the perfume right at your door must be lovely.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
The fog is back again this morning. We had another thunderstorm last night, and that seems to trigger the fog.
Yes, the Lilium is great to have near the house - as I can pick up the perfume as I walk in and out.
This one takes up after the Christmas Lilies have finished.
I love perfumed plants in a garden.

Gaye from the Hunter said...

What wonderful weather images, Denis. I must admit, the idea of a three-day fog doesn't really appeal to me either, especially in summer. There are, of course, beautiful delicate details created by such hanging moisture, but continued grey and damp can create a grey mood, too, so I'm glad the sun has returned to the mountains.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gaye
You make a good point about the "little details" which emerge in rain.
I should try for some "art shots" of spider webs with water droplets, etc.
That might help cheer me up on such days.