Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Robertson Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party

The R-CoC as I like to call it, had its Christmas Party last night, at Cafe Pirouette.

Bernie, Dorothy, Cate, Robert, Phillip, Caroline and Marion.

The dinner started informally, with a very good array of canapes, including an interesting little glass of blended cucumber, with a dob of crab meat floating on top, and seemingly a small dash of a mysterious liqueur. The details were lost on me, but it was very nice.

After some time for mixing and chatting, we then sat down to a very nice main course and desserts. I took the opportunity to take some "happy snaps", but I need a better flash (or more experience at taking indoor photos).

Alan, Judy, Barry, Annette, Sean, Cindy, Rona and Steve.
Micki, Dion, Carol, Philip, Hilton and Mrs Krone.
Judy and Tony, and Isabella and friends were having a nice time.Allan and Liz, chatting with the Fisk family and friends.
Andrew and Wayne who produced the marvellous food were all enjoyed.
I will take this opportunity to remind readers of the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Hamper, the "goodies" happen to be on display at Cafe Pirouette. There will be three prize winners, each worth approximately $400. Entry tickets in the competition are available at most local shops, and Cafe Pirouette. Certainly Dorothy will sell you tickets at the Old Potato Shed Gallery. Very good value. The prize winners will be announced at the Robertson "Big Potato", on 20 December.

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Denis Wilson said...

I have received the following "comment" via email:
"My entry on your blog was:

Dear Esteemed Robertson Blogger,
The citizens of the emerald green retreat are very much indebted to you for the many wonders on your site 'The Nature of Robertson.'

Over eight years, an average of 5,000 people have visited your electronic tome every twelve months encouraging many out of their urban lethargy into the misty hills. You have, thereby, single-handedly drawn more bods up the escarpment than the many richly rewarded elves from over the hill.

You bless us with the wonders of nature and the foibles of our fellow earthlings.

May you prosper and grow to an enormous size.

Robertson Chamber of Commerce"

Thanks, Guys.
Grow to enormous size???