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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Photos from the Australian Water Network Launch

Here are some photos I took last Thursday, in Sydney at the AWN Launch event.
Here is the group photo, taken towards the end of the day. Some people had left previously to attend other meetings, or to catch flights back home, and several were also taking photos.
The day started with a very brief introduction by Bernard Eddy about the purpose of the gathering. He then immediately called upon Patrice Newell to offer an acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners. Bernie than introduced Maude Barlow to speak.

Here is a photo of Maude Barlow, Senior Adviser on Water to the President of the United Nations General Assembly, and International Patron of the Australian Water Network, during her speech to officially launch the Australian Water Network.Cate Faehrmann, from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, listens intently during Maude's speech. The NCC were co-hosts of the Launch event, and Bernard Eddy as Co-convenor of the AWN, had already thanks the NCC for their assistance in bringing this event to fruition.Maria Reidl from Mildura, in the heart of the Murray Darling system, is a strong supporter of the "Plug the Pipe" campaign. Here she is taking notes as Maude speaks. Maria is famous for her appearance at rallies as a kind of human billboard. Good on her!Dr Diane Bell, Anthropologist and water campaigner from the Murray Darling Lower Lakes, making a point, during the launch. Liz is looking on, while Bernie makes a few notes. Brigid Walsh, from Greenfaith Australia, based in Victoria, shows a wry look,as she obviously appreciates some of the points made by Maude in her speech.Liz McAloon of the Victorian Women's Trust, enjoys a joke during Maude's spech.
Maria Reidl, with Prof. Gavan McDonell, and Stephen Cannon, President of Watershed Victoria.
Liz McAloon also addressed the AWN "Foundation Members". Liz was a member of the Watermark Australia team, and she helped co-ordinate the community consultation program which was integral to the success of that Program. So, people were keen to listen to Liz's advice on how to establish a successful network.I offered my "two-bob's worth" along the lines of:
  • "From our experience with the Save Water Alliance, we were all getting so lonely, working by ourselves, thinking "no-one else knows what's going on". Now we know there are many such groups across Australia, so lets all work together.
  • "Continue to act locally, as your own local group, but know that you have the support of a network of like-minded people around Australia".
Here is Judy Reizes (Community Projects Officer, Manly Environment Centre), gesticulating as she explains the finer points of Sydney's massively wasteful sewage disposal system.
Maude was presented with a commemorative T-shirt produced by the daughter of Dr Wayne Chamley, from the VWT and a member of the Watermark Australia team.The T-shirt carries an image adapted from the "Tin Tin" series of cartoons, showing Tin Tin and his dog, in an out-of-control canoe, heading towards a dangerous waterfall. The sign on the rock says: "Wong way, go back".

After the formal speeches, we were able to mix and share ideas about how exactly we wish the AWN to operate. We got to know eachother informally.
Maude Barlow with John Caldecott,
President of the Friends of Gulf St. Vincent (in South Australia).Here are Judy Reizes, Olivia Isherwood, and Liz sharing the moment.
Later in the day, those who did not have other appointments, or planes to catch back home adjourned to Kim and Peter's home, to continue the discussions.

Bernie, with Brigid Walsh, and Peter Martin (our host).Mary Crooks, Executive Director of the VWT, with Maude, her husband Andrew, and Liz McAloon (also from VWT).Caroline Graham from Rivers SOS, and Shelini Harris, from Greenfaith Australia, discuss the day's events, afterwards.
Professor Rosemary Lister, with Dr Wayne Chamley (seen from behind), with noted author John Archer.Bernard in reflective mood, after the Launch.
Editorial note: My computer crashed yesterday (Wednesday), and I had to rush off to a meeting last night. I have now posted more photos (on Thursday). Hope this has not been too confusing.

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More power to you, Denis! It's important for groups to get together, exchange ideas and co-ordinate effort where possible.