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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tree removal in the heart of Robertson

The Robertson Pub is right on the main road through Robertson. There is a corner which is the favourite meeting point for people coming into or through the village. "Meet you are the corner below the Pub" is a popular phrase for groups of bushwalkers and others who I arrange to meet, before going out for the day.

Two weeks ago, somebody removed three huge Cedar trees (Cedrus species).
Admittedly these large, mature trees were planted directly underneath powerlines - so they were probably not suitable to be planted where they were.

However, I have written to one of my local Councillors asking the obvious questions, about whether an approval was required to remove those trees, and if so, was it obtained? If not, why not?

These trees were on public land - the Nature Strip ("roadside verge").

Yesterday a group of private tree loppers turned up at the bottom end of the block of land on which the Pub is located, and butchered 5 large Pinus radiata trees (Monterey Pines). They shaved several of these trees - leaving just a bare trunk. Several had their tops left untouched.
I photographed these trees yesterday morning, but as it was raining all day, the workers did not touch the trees at all, all day.
As these trees formed a wind break below the pub (western side is the prevailing wind direction in Robertson (for the nasty "August winds" ), I included this bit of tree butchery in my query to the Councillor.

These trees are on private property, and there is a DA going through for a proposed redevelopment of the hotel building. But given the location of these trees, right adjacent to the property boundary, it is highly unlikely that these trees would be required to be removed, in order to make way for any proposed building.

Again, I asked if any approval process or any consultation is required to remove these trees (which are on private land).

My reason? It has turned a reasonable streetscape in the middle of the village into a bloody eyesore! It is a disgrace.


Tyto Tony said...

Go get 'em, Denis. But don't let your health also become a victim of the chainsaw brigades.

Two other thoughts: compensatory planting doesn't get more than lip service among local bodies; electricity undergrounding has been neglected, tragically so in some cases.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks, Tony.
Nice point about the "health warning" - been there, done that, on some large issues. But this is a minor skirmish.
It will result in some letters to the Editor, but not much more, I suspect.
The trees are stuffed already.
Underground cabling? Can they do that? Just imagine what they will think of next?
Where would the Galahs sit?
Good idea, but the local power contractor is strapped for funds, as the State Government has raided its supposedly independent "corporatised" piggy bank - long since.
We're lucky to have power cables, as it is.
Thanks for the comments and support.

Lynn S said...

Agreed!! It is totally disgusting! I could not believe my eyes!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for the supporting opinion, Lynn

Lynn said...

AND it is even worse today, Denis.

Denis Wilson said...
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Denis Wilson said...

(re-published after a minor edit)
Hi Lynn
For people from further afield, the Pine Trees have now been cut off at ground level and the area "swept" - making Robertson look like a brand new suburb in the
western suburbs somewhere (anywhere).
The Chamber of Commerce logo "Green Heart of the Highlands" is sadly less appropriate now.

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