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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Many Moths are Hairy - This one takes the cake

I am used to finding moths which are very hairy.
After all, their caterpillars are usually extremely hairy, and that is a protective strategy, frequently, to protect them for being eaten by birds and animals.

This was how I first saw this lovely moth.
On the outside of my kitchen window.

In this case, I could scarcely believe how hairy this Moth was, and where it was so excessively hairy.
A front on shot.
Lovely dark eyes and fine antennae
Presumably a male, with such large antennae.
I sent out a plea for assistance in identifying this moth, as I am a genuine novice at this "mothing" stuff - but I obviously live in a good area for moths.

Look at this remarkable tuft of hairs on the "tail".
I can think of fluffy dogs which would be proud to have
such remarkably flowing hairy tails

I got a tip that it was Trichiocercus sparshalli. Thanks to "Epiglyph" for the ID. I would never have got there by myself.

Here the Moth is inside - on a bed cover.
I think it is trying to right itself,
but on the soft material, it is having trouble.The curved abdomen is a position adopted by other related species.
it might be a defensive strategy.

This Moth is apparently the adult of one of those "Processionary Caterpillars". Here is was barely "processing". It was more likely walking around in small circles on my floor. I was getting ready to liberate it, at this stage, having photographed it from just about every angle imaginable.
Look at that remarkable long silky tuft of tail hairs!


Le Loup said...


Denis Wilson said...

I like it!
My mind was going to a female Movie Star, draped in Mink stoles, but your idea is very good.

Tyto Tony said...

Any moth looking like that and taking the cake must be an EekLair!

Denis Wilson said...

Good one Tony.
The Newspaper world is missing a good headline writer.

Wilma said...

Stunning moth, Denis. Beautiful photos of it.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Wilma.
I was very taken with the long fine hairs on the moth.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi "ValeriaVine".
I deduce that you probably prefer soft fluffy stoles and wraps than brightly coloured clothes.
Moths are truly amazing creatures.