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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orchids at Jervis Bay "suburbia"

There is plenty of "suburbia" at Jervis Bay, but in one particular stretch of road there are thousands of Orchids growing in a patch of plain suburban roadside. The soil is "just right" for them obviously and the locals seem to leave them alone, for which we are all deeply grateful.

Petalochilus pictus (formerly Caladenia picta) puts on the best display I have ever seen, in deep sandy soil, just on the edge of the suburban road, close to the coast here at Jervis Bay. 
Group of Petalochilus pictus
Petalochilus pictus - pink form and white form
Tight group of Petalochilus pictus
Double flower stem - Petalochilus pictus
Portrait of Petalochilus pictus
A nice pink form of Petalochilus pictus
study image of column, labellum and dorsal sepal - Petalochilus pictus
There were many hundreds of other orchid species growing in the same stretch of road and I will show these over the next few night.


catmint said...

How exquisite, unlike the large gross popular and expensive ones I see around me in pots.

Mr. Smiley said...

Yes, remarkable. Wonderful photography.

dirtyhabanero said...

Very lovely photos.

I'm travelling to Wilsons Promontory in the coming weeks, passing through Jervis Bay. I'd very much like to stop by and have a look at these specimens. I've just finished an Ecology degree and as you may know, you can only learn so much from a book...if you can email me at the location I would be grateful (since you have listed several species in this area). If you wish, maybe we could meet there too, it would be Sunday 22 Jan mid-morning.

Thank you, I admire you dedication.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Dirtyhabanero
You will realise that Orchids are seasonal, but there will be something we can show you.
I will email you.
Thanks for making contact.