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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Alan Stephenson's book "Orchid Species of the Shoalhaven"

Alan Stephenson's book "Orchid Species of the Shoalhaven" was launched at a World Environment Day event at a local Art Gallery in Huskisson on Saturday, 4 June.
The price is a mere $20.

There are notes and accompanying photos (one painted illustration) of all indigenous species of Orchids which are known to occur in the Shoalhaven region, plus two species which are believed to be extinct in the wild. The book has 54 pages, in A5 format, with an average of 3 or 4 species per page. In addition to specific information, there are also notes on unusual variant forms which Alan has photographed, plus notes on orchid structure, pollination, and habitat conservation - a subject dear to Alan's heart.

Each plant is listed by the current (recognised) name, as per the re-classification by the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research. However the older scientific names are also shown, plus "common names" where applicable. The index is searchable by any of these names.

This is not just a labour of love by Alan, (as we all know), but it is also a thoroughly well-researched reference book, which will be indispensable to all persons interested in the study of Orchids in the field.

Alan may be contacted directly via this email link.

Leo Cady is a legendary Orchadian. The species of Spider Orchid which Leo discovered, and which now bears his name, is illustrated in Alan's book, (from Leo's own watercolour painting). 
Alan explaining some detail of book publishing to Leo Cady and Mrs Cady

Unfortunately, the plant itself is believed to have gone extinct, owing to habitat disturbance, and a lack of appropriate conservation protection.

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