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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vale Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley, famous artist, has died.

She was recently the subject of Ben Quilty's 2011 Archibald Prize winning Portrait. Ben is perhaps Robertson's most illustrious resident (though, of course, he would deny that).
Margaret Olley - portrait by Ben Quilty (Channel 9 News)
As this Channel 9 report mentions, Margaret Olley was the only person to have ever been the subject of two portraits to win the Archibald Prize.

The first portrait of her to win the Archibald, was a 1949 portrait of a much younger Margaret Olley, by William Dobell. The illustration and text from the Art Gallery NSW is linked here.

As usual the ABC has a good review of her life, with an excellent round-up of reports and old interviews with Margaret Olley.: 
You can hear a brief interview with Ben Quilty here - on the night he won the Archibald Prize - courtesy of ABC TV. He talks both about the portrait itself and briefly, about Margaret Olley.

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catmint said...

yes, it's goodbye to an impressive and incredibly creative woman.