Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And now for a flock of White-headed Pigeons

Following up on yesterday's brief post, today I saw a flock of White-headed Pigeons on a dead tree, above a thicket of Privet bushes. This is the same area where I say these birds on 19 March.
Flock of White-headed Pigeons
on dead tree opposite the Robertson Nature Reserve.
These White-headed Pigeons seem to like to stick together (apart from occasional appearances of couples on powerlines). In that regard, their behaviour is very different from the Wonga Pigeons, or even the Brown Cuckoo-Doves. Their behaviour is more typical of "fruit-eating" Pigeons in my experience, such as the Top-knot Pigeon (which I have only ever seen over-flying my house, in Robertson, or down below the escarpment at Lee's Road, feeding on Cabbage-Tree Palms).

Three White-headed Pigeons sitting on Street Lamp
which is close to the dead tree where the others are perched.

16 White-headed Pigeons on this tree
(plus 3 on the Street Light behind me)
 So, from my photos today, there are at least 19 White-headed Pigeons in this flock.

Incidentally, just for completing the "set" of local native Pigeons, these birds are very different from the Crested Pigeons which we see in the main street of Robertson and along the railway line. They are a small Pigeon, and exclusively grain feeders. They have probably followed the grain trains (which run down to the ethanol factory at Bomaderry, and sometimes for export via Port Kembla). These small Crested Pigeons are definitely not "natural" to the habitat of Robertson. I never see them at my house, although I am only 500 metres from the railway line. But they do hang around the human-dominated centre of the village and the railway line.

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