Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

400 ppm of Carbon Dioxide - a Milestone reached - in shame.

Wow, we've made it.
Congratulations, Team.
400 ppm of Carbon Dioxide.
You can all feel very proud (NOT).
Now, please stop breathing, and driving cars, and burning coal.
Oh, and kiss goodbye to low lying Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands.
Bangladesh Flood
As George Mobiot says: "this is a moment of symbolic significance, a station on the Via Dolorosa of environmental destruction. It is symbolic of our failure to put the long-term prospects of the natural world and the people it supports above immediate self-interest."
"Two remote, low-lying Pacific islands, Vanuatu and Tonga, rank first and second as worst placed on the World Risk Index as they did last year, based on a matrix of four criteria. These measure what dangers a nation faces, for example, through geology or weather, the probability it will suffer damaging events, the nation's capacity or incapacity to cope, and what resources, if any, it has to adapt after being hit."
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