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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Local Land Services - elections require us to "register".

Such is the state of democracy in NSW that we are now required to register to vote for the people who will stand as Board Members of the newly created Local Land Services Board.
The inaugural Local Land Services Board Member elections will take place on 12 March 2014. Ratepayers will elect 34 board members across the 11 regions. There are three members to be elected to each region, except for the Western region where four members are to be elected. The elections will bring the LLS leadership team one critical step closer to full strength.
Nominations open
Nominations for Board member positions are now open. Occupiers of rateable land are eligible to nominate a candidate. Anyone 18 years of age or older can be nominated for elections provided their normal place of residence is in the region.
Nominations close 5pm 31 January 2014.
Enrol to vote
Only persons on the Local Land Services electoral roll for the region will be eligible to vote. Ratepayers across the State are encouraged to enrol to vote by lodging an enrolment form to be eligible to vote in the 2014 LLS elections.
Persons who have been on the electoral rolls of Livestock Health and Pest Authorities will not have their names automatically transferred to the electoral roll of Local Land Services.
Only one occupier per land holding can enrol to vote. In the case of multiple occupiers per holding, only one occupier can be enrolled to vote.
Enrolments close 5pm 17 February 2014.
Please submit your form at a Local Land Services office. Application forms are also available at your Local Land Services office.
Electoral roll
A copy of the electoral roll for each region is available for inspection at the regional Local Land Services offices.
How to vote
Once enrolled, all persons on the electoral roll will receive their ballot papers in the mail. All instructions and details will be provided on your ballot paper. Once the ballot papers are filled out, they can be mailed out or hand delivered to your local LLS office.
Voting closes 5pm 12 March 2014.
Election results
Election results will be announced on 14 March 2014.


I went to that website, and immediately discovered the following unanswerable questions:
  • Holding reference number .............
  • Contact ID number ............

I would dearly love to enrol (my Democratic Urge is sadly unfulfilled these days), but WTF?

Without an explanation of where I can find that information, looks like I will be reduced to my position as a lonely by-stander in this exciting new democratic experience.

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