Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gang-gang from Mt Rae flies to Canberra

 Mark Selmes from Mt Rae Forest is also known as Cranky Koala, and in this disguise, the cranky Gang-gang Cockatoo. Why is he always cranky? Because his forest home is constantly being threatened by firewood logging, under the guise of Private Native Forestry.

Regular readers will be aware of the many faces of Mark Selmes, otherwise known as Cranky Koala, famous Hunger Striker of Macquarie Street. Sydney, and resident of Mt Rae Forest; These people are also the scourge of firewood loggers, and more recently, supporters of the Laird State Forest opponents of Maules Creek Coal Miner, Whitehaven Coal. Recently he joined the Whoop-whoop riders from the Liverpool Plains

Mark Selmes joined the
Whoop-Whoop ride as it went past
Crookwell, NSW.

Mark lives in Mt Rae Forest, north from Goulburn and west from Taralga. 

I have written about Mark's patch of bush before, mostly because his block

is home to the rare and endangered Diuris equalis Orchid.

Diuris aequalis at Mt Rae.

Regular readers will know that Tim TheYowieMan, a  correspondent from the Canberra Times, is a keen supporter of natural wildlife and on occasions, natural eccentrics. He has written about me (and the Stinkhorn Fungi)  and now Mark Selmes.

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