Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back in Robbo - with my Sense of Wonder.

It is a good thing to be able to report that I am safely (and happily) returned to Robertson.
What does that mean?

Happy to be home? Yes.
But not just that - I am happy to be home, because I am happy.

And I am happy because I have been having a lovely few weeks, firstly, out in the desert (well, Broken Hill anyway) and then visiting Miss Eagle, in her eyrie, in Upper Ferntree Gully, in outer suburban Melbourne.

A miniature fungus
- perfect in design
Then I flew home to Robbo, via Canberra, today, and saw my father, and told him about my trip. Somewhere along the way, I managed to thank him for introducing me to seeing the world, with a Sense of Wonder. That is the very essence of why I started to write the Nature of Robertson - to try and help share my own Sense of Wonder about Nature.

In case you have ever wondered, the N (capital "N") in the "Nature of Robertson" is entirely deliberate, in just the same way as traditional religions capitalise the personal pronoun He, when referring to God. (Feminists are welcome to use the capital S, but in truth the tradition started out with God the Father.)

I like to attribute a capital to Nature, to include every aspect of the Universe, of Nature, and of Reality, which I find totally awe-inspiring. From the miniscule gems of the world, such as tiny fungus (above), to the perfection of the design of the wing feathers of a Barn Owl, to giant trees and far greater mountains and valleys, such as the Illawarra Escarpment, above Macquarie Pass (seen at left).

It all spins my mind out. That is the start of the Sense of Wonder.


Miss Eagle said...

And thank you Denis. A number of people have caught your sense of wonder. In particular, I think of Greg at The Nine Mile. He loves his property but you also showed him and shared with him another dimension which he could get to know more intimately.For Miss Eagle, you have left her the maps and the challenge of walking the parks and reserves along Dandenong Creek. Let's see if she is up to it. Will Miss Eagle be able to see a sunrise from there, do you think?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have you home Dad.
I noticed straight away that you have a happy twinkle in you're eye which I haven't seen in a long while.
So thankyou Miss Eagle... I think you're tops!

Denis Wilson said...

Miss Eagle

I would not go to Dandenong Creek for a sunrise. It is located immediately west of the huge line of Power Pylons. Unfortunately, I think that your sunrise would be glimpsed through a concatenation of War of the Worlds monsters. Not a nice image.

Probably better to check out the ridge up near the Silesian College, or even the football fields near your place, somewhere with a distant eastern horizon. You will need to experiment, and check out where the sun is actually coming up at the current season (remember the sunrise moves around the eastern horizon). As summer approaches, it will move further to the south-east (right hand side, as you watch the sun come up).

Wherever you are, make the most of it!

Zoe is not the only one to comment upon my "glint in the eye". Celeste said I looked like a cat which had come home (late) with some feathers stuck to its mouth!

Phil Day said...

It was very nice to meet Denis for the first time last thursday at the weekly Robertson CTC music night. Very interesting converstaions about the development of a community radio station for Robertson and local areas (which I currently have on test at the moment - if you are in robbo, listen to 99.5 for a variety of music, and note the quality of the transmission and audio. I already have all the gear running in very low power mode, so the hard, technical part is done) We will be planning future meetings to bring a group of interested people together. The height of the night was meeting up with Denis' breath-takingly beautiful daughter Zoe. Zoe seems very dedicated to the idea of a radio station for our area, and she would make a great program co-ordinator and her input to the station would be invaluable. With Denis' and everyone elses ideas, my professional equipment and broadcast experience, we should be able to put together a great radio station to please a great proportion of the residents of Robertson, Burrawang, Avoca, Fitzroy Falls, other localities and even into Moss Vale/Bowral with the right site (which I have arranged).


If you have any feedback, or are interested in the Robertson radio station idea, please email, or call me on 0425 325699

99.5 on the FM dial in Robertson.