Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Burrawang Easter Saturday Markets

Thank heavens it only happens once a year. The Burrawang Easter Saturday Market is such a successful event, that it totally takes over the village of Burrawang.

Stall holders have strict instructions to turn up and be set up by 8:00am. Then the roads are closed off at 8:00am, and not only can you not drive in to set up, but you might have to park 2, 3 or 4 blocks away and walk in. So, heaven help you if you have not got your tent set up, and all your gear in place.

Then, whether it be raining (as it was) or drizzling (as it was) or misting (as it was) or sunny, (as it was for about 5 minutes, around 1:35pm to 1:40pm), thousands of cheerful people (and many dogs, although it was not a great day for dogs, today) will promenade up and down Hoddle Street, Burrawang, and several side streets, shopping, chatting, eating, meeting up with old friends, and generally doing what Southern Highlands people love to do on Easter Saturday, EVERY YEAR - VISIT BURRAWANG.

Congratulations to the people of Burrawang, all of them, for getting stuck into this event whole-heartedly (such as the local "Firies" who were all out selling their raffle tickets to everybody they could find), and the P and C people, and the people in the School of Arts hall, etc, etc. I assume here are some people in Burrawang who are not involved heavily. If there are, at least they seem to not protest too much, as the whole village is taken over by this craziness.

Good on them all, anyway. It is a great event, and it is very Burrawang.

It is SO Burrawang, that I even got persuaded by Cherie and Katherine Wood, to buy a ticket to the Aria event when a group of Opera people are coming to town next weekend, to sing classic arias. Now, how good a piece of salespersonship is that??? Those of you who know me can judge. The rest of you can guess.
Thanks to the Save Water Alliance volunteers, who helped out today with setting up a stall (not where we thought we were supposed to be, - but we survived that hick-up). Katrina, Olivia, Fiona, Carnie, Anna and Pat Tierney. They were all great. I know I could not have survived without their support, and the good wishes of the crowds of supporting public, and other SWA members who were doing different things there, today, such as Mim selling Firies Raffle tickets, and Vikki, who was working in the hall. And Larry and Penny selling their Hot Spuds, and Georgina who refused to sell me a ticket. I never did quite understand what that was about, but I know its was meant in a kindly manner. Something about "You do enough already". Very kind, but I just wanted to make a donation of a Dollar. But as Georgina said: "What would you do with a trailer load of firewood?" Point taken - I do not have a fireplace, in my house - but the chocolates would have been welcome.

Special thanks to Peter Martin for driving all the way in with the Bumper Stickers which he and Kim have donated to our SWA cause. Thanks very much.


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Chris Diffley said...

The markets were great - even in the rain! Bought some marvelous woodens childrens toys - unique and gorgeous to look at.

Would love to know how much that bull weighed - we guessed 391KG but I have no idea what such a beast would weigh.