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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A critical review of my Blog.

The photographer in this picture told me I write a lot of crap in my blog. Interesting "review". I wonder which part she doesn't like?

Is it the stuff about the SCA taking water from the Kangaloon Aquifer, and in so doing endangering the local environment? Probably not.

Maybe it is about TWS workers taking photos of the local people learning about the threat to the environment from the SCA. Well it cannot be that, because I have not written about that until today.

Today we were examining the pollution the SCA is causing to the local area with high concentrations of iron oxide sludge just collecting on the ground, in the retention ponds. The theory is that they are removing "iron" from the water, by "oxygenating" the water before it flows into the river. Trouble is, they are just dumping the iron sludge into these retention ponds, and they have no intention of improving their techniques, or cleaning the mess up. That is despite the fact that their own technical reports gave the SCA a plan of exactly how they could oxygenate the water, and remove the sludge. But no, it is easier and cheaper to dump it on the ground. The SCA are treating the Kangaloon Aquifer like an industrial waste dump.

Anyway, today that woman's attitude was sufficiently aggressive as to provoke me to publish a photo of her taking photos of our peaceful group - causing no disruption, and doing no damage.

At least I have digitally masked her identity.

But as she is apparently a "reader" of this blog, I will send her a "cheerio".

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Denis Wilson said...

What are you trying to do to me, Miss Eagle?
If I object to having my photo taken by a standover bully, then according to my standards, I surely ought not publish the photographer's image, at least not in an identifiable manner.

Not sure how the "settings" were changed, but I have fixed the comments setting so it is open to comment, again.