Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lyrebird in low branches

On Friday, the Robertson Environment Protection Society (REPS) had its Christmas Party at Fitzroy Falls. While we were having our snacks and nibbles in the carpark, a Lyrebird came close, sat in a low tree branch, and preened itself. Being a clever bird, it managed to obscure most of its body behind branches, so I did not get a single clear image. However, it appeared to be a male, with some creamy-white markings on its tail feathers, just visible in one image. Females do not have the "display feathers" in their tails.It then turned around on the branch, and then dropped off the branch, and was off, doing Lyrebird things. This was late in the afternoon, just before dark, when Lyrebirds seem to do a lot of feeding amongst the leaf-litter, looking for insects. You can see its powerful legs and feet with which the bird scratches around the ground.
Lyrebirds eyes reflect a flash as blue, unlike people who give "red eye" reflections, my dog, Lena, who has green eyes, and foxes which give yellow eyes.


Miss Eagle said...

How wonderful to have such a private individual come to visit. Shame he could not have put on a show but...

Blessings and bliss

Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

I am always thrilled to encounter lyrebirds. I sometimes see them on my visits to Barrington Tops NP.

Their impressive repetoir of bird calls and other sounds is, well, impressive, and I've been priveleged to witness a male performing his courtship ritual with magnificent tail fanned over his body while reciting his mimic sounds, on a few occasions.

Great to have a lyrebird show up at your Christmas function.


Denis Wilson said...

Yes, it was a bit of a thrill, even if the bird was not prepared to let itself be seen clearly, it certainly was not too shy.

Fitzroy Falls has hundreds of people come through, every day, yet their Lyrebirds are quite tame. Perhaps they have good Fox control as well. Whatever they are doing, it is good to see these birds at close quarters.