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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Vale John McKee - a good friend

This is not a local Robertson posting, but a Canberra bulletin.

I had to go to Canberra today, to farewell my friend John McKee. John was killed in a Ride-On Mower accident on his property at Brogo, on the far south coast. We do not know the details. It is possible John had a stroke, while operating the mower. There is little value in speculating.

The important thing is that whatever happened, John was happy doing what he wanted to do, at his bush property. John was a good plumber (well, a bit rough, perhaps, but always co-operative) and, mostly a cheerful person to work with.

He was a good friend, and really was a "bushie" at heart. He loved raising chooks, and growing vegetables and "mucking about". Although he transferred to the Public Service late in his career, John never was a "Public Servant" at heart. He took his responsibilities, far too seriously, and was frustrated by those "time-servers" he found himself surrounded by. I for one was greatly relieved (for his sake) to see John move to Brogo.

John came up here to Robertson on several occasions, to help out with the plumbing of my cottage. I enjoyed seeing him, and talking to him, while he was here, it was obvious he enjoyed his life in Brogo.

John managed to liberate himself - to a happy life on his farm. Therefore, what is there to not be satisfied with? We will miss John. But he made the most of what he had.


Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

this is an excellent post, one which I enjoyed immensely, although obviously not knowing of the deceased person.

Being satisfied with one's life is the best that a person can hope for. [For me, however, I hope that I can contribute to the life-satisfaction for some of those around me as well]. It doesn't just happen, it must be worked on.

You have done a special and considerate thing in writing this brief account of how you saw your friend, John.


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Gaye.
Glad you appreciated what I wrote about John - which is of course, something I hope we can all aspire to have said about us (in the fullness of time).