Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, February 08, 2008

Belmore Falls - after more rain

We got a heap of rain yesterday afternoon. In fact, according to the Bureau's Rainfall records for the last 5 days, we have received 15mm, 98mm, 40mm, 36mm and 45mm (a total of 234 mm in 5 days). That is over 10 inches in the "old money". The "official" records for Robertson are taken at the Robertson Pie Shop, and show some variation from those figures, but those figures above are for Caalang St, which is closest to my house, and also, closest to the headwaters of Wallangunda Creek, the main tributary of Barrengarry Creek, which flows over Belmore Falls.

So I decided to check to Belmore Falls at lunchtime today. It was certainly running harder, faster and louder today than the other day. So, at the risk of duplicating myself, let me take you there again, today.

This is a panoramic photo (2 merged images), but it is my best so effort so far at performing this trick of blending 2 images. Click on the image to open it to the fullest size which I can safely upload to Blogger.

Please be patient as the image is large, and takes a few moments to download fully. Then you can scroll up and down the entire image, to get the full effect. It is about 2.5 times the height of your screen at full size, but you can really get the impression of how good the Belmore Falls are, at present. It is worth waiting for, I think. The splash from the pool at the foot of this first fall is momentous. And the sound is proportionately loud.


Miss Eagle said...

Love the picture Denis. The way it opens from top to the big splash at the bottom is amazing. To-day I was at a World Day of Prayer planning meeting. This year it has been prepared by Guyana which has among its a single drop waterfall 5 times higher than Niagra. I have seen Wallaman falls up behind Ingham in NQ which is the largest single drop waterfall in Australia, tumbling 305m (1000 feet). There is a World Waterfalls Database at You can see the Australia ones at

Blessings and bliss

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Miss Eagle

Glad you liked the photo. I did too, as you can probably guess.

Thank you so much for that link. Isn't the WWW amazing? I was wondering how to calculate the height. I have sent a message to my friend Jim, but the link tells me it is 525 feet (160 metres). I suspect that will be the top falls, and the little one just below, combined.But it is a serious drop none the less.

Thanks again for the link. Lots of fun researching various falls, there.