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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting ready for "The Robbo Show"

Nothing is bigger in Robbo than "The Robbo Show". It is our Village's "once-a-year" opportunity to show off. And for the individuals to tell tall stories about the heaviest rain we remember, the thickest fog, and who won the Spud Race, when, and who was tripped up on the last bend, in the fog, and by whom.

All else is meaningless, in this village, if the Show is not a success.
And it always is! We make sure of that!

Today the Show Committee, and their band of volunteers
began fitting out the Show Pavilion for the 2008 Robertson Show.
It will be held on Friday 29 February, and Saturday 1 March 2008.
This coming Friday and Saturday, these Show benches will be laden with Cut Flowers, and the famous Robertson Show Vegetable Competition. The 54 separate window panels of the glass show cases were polished, inside and out. I will have you know that means 108 separate surfaces to clean (guess who did half them?)

These show cases will hold the Cakes, including the "Group 5 Rich Fruit Cake Competition" (from which the winner will proceed to the Zone Final, and in turn the winner of the Zone will proceed to the "Sydney Royal Easter Show"). This is serious stuff, folks. There will also be the Champion Decorated Iced Cake (award and ribbon), the Champion Sponge, and numerous other classifications of cakes, scones, biscuits, pies and home-made chocolates. There are 56 classes in all, just for the Cookery section. No wonder I had to polish the glass in all those windows!

Tapestries, lace-work and needle-work,
knitting and hand-weaving will be displayed here.
I thought I would let you see what the Show Pavilion looked like before the Show got underway. Next weekend you can see what it looked like when the Show is in full swing.

This is the scene from this morning, with cars belonging to the Committee, and volunteers.And in keeping with the tradition of theatrical "dress rehearsals", we even organised the fog to turn up, on cue - in preparation for the real event. Here is the view, in the afternoon, of the gateway to the Robertson Showground, as the fog gathered strength.
And my favourite Fog image:
a giant Radiata Pine, looming out of the fog, this afternoon
in readiness for the 2008 Robertson Show. God Bless the Robertson Show, and the Fog;
and all who participate in them both.

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