Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More about Gang-gangs in Glenquarry

The Gang-gang Cockatoos of Glenquarry are still there. I stopped briefly late this afternoon, to take some more photos, for as I approached this area, a family of Gang-gang Cockatoos nearly flew into my little car. Seriously. I had to brake sharply, to avoid a Gang-gang flying into the front window of my car.

I still have not managed to get a really good photo of the males (I assume that this is because they are self-conscious, and know their red heads make them highly visible.)

However, a female and her two youngsters were more co-operative.
The female bent down from above, to feed the first of the youngsters. There is a strange "machine gun" sound as the female regurgitates the food to the juvenile. I am not sure which bird makes the noise. But the youngster holds out its wings, shaking them, as part of this begging/feeding process. Sorry about the poor image quality, but it is an event worth reporting.Regarding the SCA's Special Area restricted access policy, here is what the local Wombats think! This poo was carefully placed (by a Wombat) on the SCA gate across the former Diamond Fields Road, (from Tourist Road) Kangaloon, as seen today.As they say in the Theatre: "What a critic!"

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Joe said...

Thanks for sharing more Too shots! Unfortunately, I have to work an event this AM or I would be out taking some shots!