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Christmas Bells
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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Doctor for Robertson?

Hey folks, this is important news.

I live in a rural village, 40 Kms from both Bowral and Moss Vale. We have a population of 1206 people within the village, and 1901 in the total district (approx 5 Km radius) - based on 2006 ABS Census data.

We used have a Doctor's surgery open 3 part days per week. But at least we did not have to drive to Bowral or Moss Vale. Anyway, that arrangement ceased about 4 months ago.

The locals signed petitions and contacted local politicians (as you do). Not much help.

Now I have heard that a Doctor who has a Medical Practise in Bowral will open up in the old consulting rooms - and it will be staffed 5 days a week.

It might be too good to be true. But lets hope this story does prove to be true.

Having gone to a meeting last night of the CANWin Transition Shire movement, where we saw a film called "The End of Suburbia", and afterwards discussed the future need for local communities to be self-sufficient, the idea of not having to drive 80 Kms (round trip) to visit the Doctor is great news to me - and to many other residents of Robertson.


Duncan said...

Fingers crossed for you Denis, hope it comes to fruition.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Duncan. Thanks for that support.

By the sounds of your blog in the last week, you could do with a doctor's visit yourself.

Get well soon.