Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Climate Change Cattle?

Recently, one of the locals has brought in a small herd of Brahman Cattle. They seem out of place in Robertson, where more traditional cool climate breeds are generally kept. Perhaps this farmer is anticipating Global Warming? Brahmans are a derivative from the ancient Zebu breed of cattle, found originally in India. The breeds and hybrids derived from that ancient breed are said to be more heat tolerant, and more insect-resistant than traditional European and Australian breeds of cattle.

I would have to say that to a southerner like myself, the Brahmans are at the same time slightly comical looking, but also very attractive. I am especially taken with this young steer, which has a really good fold of skin below its neck, and a delicate grey colour on its back and neck. The skin flap is called a "dewlap", and as the males mature, it can develop into a very large feature of the beast. Obviously, the most distinctive feature of these Cattle is the hump. In this animal, it is about half developed, from what I can judge. Its hard for me to judge, though, as these are the only Brahmans in the district, that I know of.
This young steer was very curious. For my part, I was impressed with its large pink-lined ears.
Curious and cute!

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