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Christmas Bells
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rivers SOS meeting above Cataract Gorge, Douglas Park

The Rivers SOS group met at Caroline's place at Douglas Park, for our quarterly meeting, in May 2009.
Here are four images of the group, just getting the meeting under way.
Taken from the back end of the room.
From the top end of the room (with light behind me).
Here is a group photo of the Rivers SOS meeting, taken after our meeting adjourned.
It was good to be joined by a number of Environmental Studies students.
Caroline is very proud of the sign writing.
(Click to read the words)
After dinner (and a very fine dinner it was), we were entertained by two very fine musicians, Mirabai Peart (who has been a member of the Rivers SOS group for some time) and Mahesh Radhakrishnan. They play together in "Tapestries of Sound"
Mahesh sings and plays guitar, and Mirabai is a very fine violin player.
Here Mahesh is playing a Thamboura.After the music, we had an informal party.
Next morning, the resident Swamp Wallaby was up nice and early
tasting the delights of Caroline's vegetable garden.
This Wallaby has suffered some kind of injury, unfortunately.
After breakfast (his and ours) we went out to explore the local area.
We started with a quick look over the Cataract River Gorge.
Here is a zoom shot showing the river flowing below.
After the rain of the week before, there was a good flow happening.While walking back I noticed this plant, which I think is a Crowea exalata.
Then we drove over to the West Cliff Colliery.
I could not believe their "Zero Harm" slogan. Can you?
Then we went to "Marhnyes Hole", below Appin.
This is on the Georges River.
Here, Julie is explaining the damage which occurred after subsidence caused by BHP longwall mines. There has been much "remediation" work in this area. And, after a week of rain, the river was flowing reasonably well. Neville and Amanda are looking on.We hope to meet again, next time, at Stroud, to find out more about the efforts of the locals to save Mammy Johnson's River.
Neville ("Chappy") Williams is from Lake Cowal, in western NSW, where Barrick Gold's mine is destroying the lake, with the support of the NSW Government.


mick said...

It sounds like an interesting meeting and definitely an interesting area to explore. Great photos of the Cataract Gorge - fantastic scenery! How frustrating that companies are permitted to put up a sign like that "Zero Harm" and I guess many believe them!**!!

Miss Eagle said...

Denis, the orchid picture which has replaced the ferns is wonderful. The detail! You have excelled yourself

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Sorry for the delay in replying.
The BHP Billiton PR "spin" has no limits. Of course, people believe it - that's why they keep doing it.
Glad you picked up on the "subtlety" of their message.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Miss Eagle
The real wonder is in the plant itself, not in the photography. But the photo is satisfyingly good.
Glad you liked it.
Orchid people have commented on it being on the mast-head too. Its nice and obvious there.