Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lucy, kids and the new puppies.

Last week my friend Lucy announced on her Facebook site that a new puppy had entered into her family.
She mentioned that she and the kids had gone to the pet shop and seen several puppies and had selected one.
The next day, she invited me to visit, to "see the new puppies". That's right plural puppies.You don't need to be a genius to work out what happened. It took only 24 hours of gentle persuasion by the kids for Lucy to realise that leaving one puppy by itself in the pet shop was not a good strategy.
Lucy has twin girls, Meg and Charlotte, or Charlotte and Meg - depending upon which is closest to you at the time. Now Lucy has twin puppies - Harry (the smaller, whiter one) and Flossie (the slightly larger one with cream colouring in the ears). Apparently they are a Maltese x Shih Tzu blend.

On the weekend I went down to visit Lucy and to check out the puppies. Unfortunately Charlotte was not there - she was off playing at some else's house. The eldest child, George, was there. I managed to take photos of the new puppies, and the (now) Senior Canine, "Stig". He seems quite relaxed about these newcomers, or interlopers. Goodness knows why. I am sure his life will never be the same again.

Harry needed to check out Lena, in the time-honoured doggie manner - careful approach, off to the side, bit of a sniff. Its OK. Everybody relax. Its OK, she's "just a girl" (but neutered) - so neither a threat, nor of very much interest to (young) Harry.

Here is George holding Harry.And Meg, with Flossie.
I hope they will all be very happy together.


mick said...

They look like fun but oh dear! Training two young ones at the same time! It would be as bad as having mischievous twins in the family!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Denis,
Beaut story, (the twin/two dog thing), lovely dogs. Happy well adjusted household it seems. Definitely something about kids and pets that strike a chord with me.

Denis Wilson said...

Well Lucy knows about twins, so she should be OK with this.
Lovely kids, lovely puppies.
Well matched I reckon.
The second twin Charlotte is not in these photos. George is older.
Glad you liked the photos.