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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swinging 50s and 60s in Robertson today

Darren Powell, local multi-media master (almost a "magician" with a video mixing desk, I would say) and singer loves to visit Robertson and sing his heart out. He is blessed with a good voice, and loves to sing in Robbo on an occasional Sunday afternoon. Today was such a day. He was accompanied by Chat's Cafe proprietor, Maurie. They have a preference for the "swing era" sound and a bit of early "Rock 'n Roll".
Very appropriately, at the time that Darren was singing, the main street of Robertson was parked out with a series of classic American cars from the 1940s through to the 1960s.
The majoprity of the visiting club cars were "Hot Rods". They are allowed to be "modified". That is a club rule, rather than a RTA ruling. These "modified" cars obviously must pass the registration inspection standards, but they are "street legal" (as they say). There was even an early model Aussie Ford Falcon amongst them.
Some obviously have been seriously "worked over".
This is an interesting "modification" some form of air cooler, a window-mounted piece. Highly authentic-looking I felt. It is called a Thermador Air Cooler, and clearly has a fan inside the tube, which obviously diverts air into the car. Quite how it "cools" the air I do not know. But for an auto accessory, something as specialised as this must have a certain appeal to the enthusiasts. You can see it "in situ" in the photo above.
One of the cars on show today in Robbo was a wonderful Ford Fairlane. It belongs to Sam and his wife, members of the Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club. Their car is registered as an Historic Vehicle. As such, it must be maintained in "original" condition (unlike the Hot Rods). They are very proud of it. All that shiny chrome, sparking in the Robertson winter sunlight!
The Historic Cars, Hot Rods and Darren's singing ringing out down the street certainly brightened a Sunday afternoon in Robbo, and gave us a definite Swing Era feeling. The rest of the time, we just look a bit "old fashioned". Today we had a touch of class, or at least lots of chrome.

Listen to Darren Powell's "Mack the Knife" here.


mick said...

The music would have been fun - but the cars - ah now, they are REALLY special!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick
Glad you liked them.
Does tend to brighten the village - more than tractors do, anyway.