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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Big Spud gets a face.

Well, it was a big weekend in Robbo. You already know about the preparations for the Robbo Show. But the really big news from Robbo today is that Mr Potato Head visited Robertson, and "personalised" our famous Big Potato (known locally as the Big Spud).

This seems entirely appropriate, as it seems the facial features were always intended to be disembodied, and to travel the world, in search of Potatoes to "personalise". That is what has happened today, in Robertson.
Wikipedia tells me that: "Mr. Potato Head was born on May 1, 1952. The original toy cost $0.98, and contained hands, feet, ears, two mouths, two pairs of eyes, four noses, three hats, eyeglasses, a pipe, and 8 felt pieces resembling facial hair. The Original Mr. Potato Head kit did not come with a "Potato Body," so parents had to supply their own potatoes for face-changing fun."

I welcome the"Face-changing" fun demonstrated overnight in Robertson, by a person or persons who for legal reasons ought remain anonymous (for we certainly do not wish the Hasbro Lawyers to descend upon the village).

I think that as Mr Potato Head has been out there floating his disembodied parts around the world since 1952, it is high time his eyes, nose, and teeth landed in Robbo on top of the world-famous "Big Potato", and along the way, helped rescue it from its alter-ego title of the "Big Turd".


mick said...

Someone had fun! re the Show - I assume it all went well - it must have done with the dedication to duty shown by those who lost sleep to perform their parts so early in the morning :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick.
For the record, I did not do it!
I just reported someone else's efforts.
The Show went well, but I decided that the Potato Head event was sufficiently topical that it was worth reporting.
Also, there is a risk that the people who "own" the Big Spud will pull down the face, and I wanted to record it, before such an event occurs.
I'll do the rest of the Show tonight.