Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anyone for the Mile High Club?

Having just visited Martin's Blog (House of Franmart) the Word Verification letters were: "aeregasm" - the mind boggles. Anyone for the Mile High Club?
Very little Blogging in the last two weeks - I have been too busy helping my brother Brendan re-clad the back of my house, and today also moving Camellias to allow us to work along the shady side of the house.

Several interesting birds to report.

Firstly Brendan bought a Water Melon piece with him and the Bowerbirds went ballistic. Tore it apart in less than half an hour. We even had two males on the feeders (2 small tables about 1.5 metres apart). Never seen that before. Lots of females/juveniles of course.

Over the last week we have seen a small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets and several pairs of same, flying past. I have seen this species only on rare occasions previously. Always flying past, as there are no nectar trees here, nor any obvious fruiting trees. There has be an increase in reports of this species from Canberra Ornithologists Group Chat Line, recently. I also saw a pair feeding, in Bowral, beside the Berrima District Art Gallery/Studio two weeks ago.

Today I saw two Musk Lorikeets fly close enough to get a good look at their hear markings, to be sure of the ID.

Today the local Magpies hunted off a Brown Goshawk - complete with much squarking and one late-comer Magpie flapping really loudly trying to catch up , to be in the "chase". The Goshawk was well able to out-fly them, once it gained a bit of height, and then dived. Not troubled by them, but it did not want to hang around, either.

Several White-throated Needletails (Swifts) flew past, feeding, late in the afternoon, today. Clear sky conditions at about 5:45 pm. Feeding quite low. No wind. Lots of "Flying Ants" on the wing at the time.

Sorry no photos tonight.

I went Orchid hunting on the weekend, and got lots of small Orchids, but have not processed the photos yet.

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mick said...

Very nice to have birds when you are outside and can spare them a quick glance from the building. I can just imagine the fun the Bowerbirds had with the melon.