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Christmas Bells
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Frost last night

Robertson does not have an automatic weather recording station (official one, anyway). So the closest is Moss Vale.
I know I was trying to do some important writing last night, but I could not keep going, as I was so cold.
Anyway, this morning I checked the Moss Vale Weather site, and it said -5.8* Celsius. That is about 25 Km west,a nd admiotedly is more likely to be colder than Robbo. But because our climate is so moist, we get really dense white frosts, once the temperature drops low enough.
I have a sloping site, below a line of tall hedging trees, so, in winter it is in total shade all day.
Late in the afternoon (4:40PM) there was still an unmelted frost on a sand pile. There was still a "permafrost" (little crystals of ice underneath the soil, lifting up small pebbles and rocks).
I forgot to look at the Tree Dahlia, but I am sure it will have been knocked back to the ground (as it has been in previous years). I shall check tomorrow.


mick said...

Brrr!! I hope you have some good heating in your house and lots of warm clothes! No wonder so many of you southerners come up here for the winter :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Denis, what a lot can happen in 3 weeks (we've been "off-line", on a camping trip up north). Not only a new PM but your blog has had a very smart 'makeover'!
I don't think I would cope very well with the temperatures you are experiencing, although it is a fascinating post.

Keep warm!!


Le Loup said...

Hard heavy frosts for two nights in a row here, about time too. Great stuff, love it. Now where is that snow?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick, Barbara and Le Loup.
For the Queenslanders, you need to visit Le Loup's blog to imagine him huddled around a roaring fire, in the New England district, wishing for more primal chilling.
Personally I hope the snow by-passes us, and dumps all over the Northern Tablelands.
I had snow here for 4 days in my second winter. Very pretty for the first half hour. Freezing cold for the next 47 1/2 hours. Lost many potted plants, because the soil in the pots froze rock hard.
I was used to cold in Canberra, but not wet cold like that.

Miss Eagle said...

Just discovered the new look! Wonderful Denis. Your photos look really great.

Blessings and bliss

tilcheff said...

Hi Denis!
It's unusually cold in Sydney these days too.

Having grown up in Europe where it gets down to -15-20° I had a very good laugh this morning when I watched a young woman trying to clean her car's windscreen scratching it with her credit card :) :)

I really enjoy these fresh sunny mornings. The colors are just so crisp and beautiful - ideal time for photography!

Congratulations on the new design! I like it a lot!