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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Moth and Me #12

I confess to having not even been aware of this particular Blogging Carnival "The Moth and Me", although I am aware of the fine work of some of the Nature Bloggers who are participating, especially Seabrooke Leckie who writes "The Marvelous in Nature".

Anyway, over at "The Skeptical Moth" Chris Grinter has just published "The Moth and Me #12".

I was totally taken by surprise when Chris asked me if he could include my "Moth Art" piece in this series.

It turns out Chris has a fascination for Hepalidae moths - what we generally call "Swift Moths" (for reasons which still elude me).

The particular moth from which I took the design for my "Moth Art"
is Oxycanus dirempta (thanks to Donald Hobern for the ID).
Here it is viewed more naturally,
hanging off the eaves of my deck awning.
I get many of these moths here, and so I regularly post about them, especially when they are beating their huge wings against my windows on cold, damp nights. The other reason they appear is because they are the main host species in the local rainforest to the truly bizarre Fungus Cordyceps gunni.


catmint said...

Hi Denis, I sometimes get large moths beating at the windows, usually in summer, but I never manage to see the detail. Moth art rules!!!!!! cheers, catmint

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Catmint for the comment.
I enjoyed playing around with the image.
I may do some more of that kind of thing too.