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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blue Bird (Male Satin Bowerbird)

The adult male Satin Bowerbird who visited me this morning is a wonderful creature. The more so when seen in full sun. The glossiness of his feathers is amazing. And so are his blue eyes!
Here he is staring straight at me,
while I am behind the Kitchen window looking at him.
These birds tend to be shy, and are wary of camera lenses.
(Click to enlarge image)
Having decided that I am no threat to him
he starts to peck at the half apple on the Bird Feeder.
(Click to enlarge image)
Note the eye colour. Also the ivory-coloured beak, which is one of the "changes" which one can use to detect younger males which have not quite matured into the "Blue Bird" phase. If you see a "green bird" with that colour beak, it is definitely a male, about to change to the fully mature plumage.


catmint said...

Hi Denis, it's certainly worth taking the time to enlarge the pictures. As you say, wonderful blue eyes and glossy feathers.

mick said...

Definitely a beautiful 'blue' bird! Your photos look nice and bright so I assume all that rain finally left.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Difficult photographing through a window.
But yes, the sun was bright, yesterday and so-far today.
Not a lot of rain, but huge winds. Fierce, frightening winds.
Shredded my camellias and even blew over one I had transplanted about 4 months ago, and it was planted low, and I had pruned it back hard at the time of transplanting.
Not fair.
But at least ti is not raining here now.
That's why I grabbed the chance to photograph the shine on the Blue Bird.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Catmint.
The blue eyes are really that blue.
In some light they show more purple, but still striking.
Could not "miss" that shot.
Glad you clicked to enlarge the image.

Mark Young said...

There is a great little article in the latest Aust Geo on Bowerbirds and their displays, worth checking out if can get a copu.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mark.
That's a good magazine, but one I seldom see. So I will make a point of checking it out.
Fascinating birds.
I always feel that with their complicated displays, and Bower-Building habits they must be a long way separated from, other birds (in an evolutionary sense), but the taxonomists don't seem to agree with me.

Wilma said...

I must have been reading the same boserbird article in National Geographic last night myself! It was an excellent article, worth tracking down (try their website). The blue of those eyes is awesome! glad you were able to get those shots.