Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodils in flower - for Daffodil Day.

Yesterday I took a couple of shots of some charming miniature Daffodils in flower near my front verandah.

These are "Tete-a-tete"Two flowers on a single stem give them their name.
Charming little things.
Today my daughter Zoe reminded me that it is Daffodil Day.
I had completely forgotten.
Zoe brought with her a Cancer Council Teddy Bear which a good friend of ours, Sean Leane had given her - for Daffodil Day. Thanks Sean.

Furthermore, Zoe chastised me for not having broadcast to all my friends or even to her, apparently, that last week I was given a "clearance" by my Oncologist - he said that I do not need to see him for another 12 months.

After months and months when I had daily treatments, then monthly check- ups and then 3 monthly scans, and then 6 monthly scans, getting told to not bother for another 12 months is terrific news.

Zoe with Lena and the Daffodils

That translates, in Doctor-speak, to mean I am almost a "nuisance",
(they would never say that)
but it does mean I am taking up valuable space
in the Oncology waiting room.
That's good news for me.
That's why I am looking quite relaxed in this image.

Thanks Zoe, for reminding me to be grateful for good news.
Some good things,
such as being alive,
should never be taken for granted.

I tend not to focus on being a "survivor".
But today is a good day to think back over the past,
and be grateful for the wonderful medical and technical assistance
which allows me to be here today.


mick said...

Lovely daffodils! That's one thing I miss up here. They do grow but it takes much more effort and they are certainly not as prolific as further south.
Congrats on your "clearance". The results of the wonders of modern medicine plus a bit of luck plus lots of determination - I imagine. I hope your health continues to be good and that you can write a lot more interesting blog posts for the rest of us to enjoy!

Flabmeister said...

Extremely good news about you getting on to the annual cycle!

I suspect there cannot have been much publicity about Daffodil Day. I missed it too.

Miss Eagle said...

Excellent photos, Denis. I particularly love the one with Zoe & Lena. Very precious. G'day Zoe. Hope all is well with you. You certainly are lookin' good, girl!

And Denis, what can I say about your DNC for 12 mths. That is a milestone! May the 12 mths stretch and stretch. What an example you are of fighting the good fight!


Le Loup said...

Good news.
My very best wishes and most sincere regards.

Wilma said...

Daffodils are such wonderful, unpretentious, happy flowers. Here in Rochester Minnesota (and perhaps many other places as well) the Amercian Cancer Society sells early daffodils in March as a fund raiser, so even more apt that you got your good news in daffodil season. Yes, it is good to be alive!


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick, Martin, Le Loup, Miss Eagle and Wilma.
Great to have your interest and support - all of you.
I claim little or no credit, but I do know that at some stage, early on, I did opt to persevere and go with all treatments recommended.
The Doctors, the technology and the Nurses and my friends and family did the rest.
Here I am, still going, though.

Thanks to everybody.


Mac_fromAustralia said...

I'm glad about your good news!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mac.
I appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

hey Denis, show me ya Tete-a-tetes!!

I can only assume you are unsure as to who would be making such an odd request, so I'll give you a little hint.. I'll never forget that magical evening when i snuck into your room and revealed my true feelings for you. If it had not been for Otto's early morning meddling, I like to think that maybe we would still be spooning today - do you still think about that night as fondly and often as I do...????

Love always,
The son you never had