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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, January 10, 2011

As wet as Little Ducks

It seems to me that little Duck Orchids love to flower in the rain. The only times I have seen them, that has been the case. 2 out of 2 = 100%. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

I first saw these Small Duck Orchids (Caleana minor, or Paracaleana minor, or  Sullivania minor) at Lithgow, on a very wet weekend which began what we now realise was the start of our wet summer season. Chris Jonkers kindly sent me photos of this Orchid, in late December (when there was a break in the wet weather).
Small Duck Orchid, Vincentia, 9 Jan 2011
 This weekend, with Colin and Mischa Rowan, Alan Stephenson and Kirsten - all members of Illawarra Branch of ANOS - I went to Vincentia - in the pouring rain. Where these plants are growing is on a small area of sandstone heath country and moss gardens, on an exposed rock shelf. After heavy rain the water was pouring off the hillside behind us, and so to photograph these Orchids required lying face down in the wet moss beds and trying to peer through a misted-up view finder. The same problems I had up in Lithgow all those weeks ago.

Small Duck Orchid - in the rain
Duck by name, Duck by nature. I reckon these flowers love the rain.
I know I don't, and my camera doesn't.

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mick said...

I can see the drops of rain on the second orchid photo! I hope you - and the camera! - didn't suffer any lasting wet weather problems!!