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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Botany Bay Diamond Weevil

Today I found a mating pair of the Botany Bay Diamond Weevil. Chrysolopus spectabilis.

UPDATE: I have been remiss in not checking my fellow Nature Bloggers enough. Duncan, at Ben Cruachan posted about this very same weevil on 22 January. Obviously our seasons are "in synch" at present.
In the distance, this is what I first saw.

Up close, this is what I saw. The colours are amazing.

A mating pair of Botany Bay Diamond Weevils

I took a front-on shot. 

You can see the interesting antennae on the male. 

They protrude from the "rostrum" which is the extended mouth structure,

(which looks to us like a nose - but it isn't.)

Note the antennae bent at right angles, That is normal.

The Chew Family website "Brisbane Insects and Spiders" tells me that: "This weevil is famous in Australia natural history because it was the first scientifically described Australian insect species." That's a claim to fame.


Wilma said...

Those are some really gorgeous weevils, Denis! And they have the perfect name.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Wilma
I agree about the name, and as it was the first Aussie insect described (back in Europe) they must have thought all our insects were going to be as colourful!

wildwings said...

Lovely weevils Denis - it is an amazing colour - they are such weird looking insects but I've only seen dull brown ones here.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Barbara
I have seen these a few tomes, but the first time I have got good pickies!
The colour is real, not photoshopped.
Joseph Banks must have flipped when he saw them.