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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mongarlowe Midge Orchids

Yesterday Alan Stephenson took me and Barry from ANOS Illawarra to Mongarlowe looking for Corunastylis. A long way to go to see small flowers, but it was well worth it. They are native Orchids, after all.

Some of these plants are quite dark.
The Labellum is a deep purple colour.
The sides of the plant have red lines along their contours
just as does Cor. sagittifera (from Medway)
and the related Cor. plumosa from Tallong.
 This is a very fresh flower head.
One bud is yet to open,
I have marked with yellow dots the flowers in this one image.
Hard to see, but interesting to see so many together.
With the profusion of these plants, it is worth noting that
Corunastylis oligantha is named the Mongarlowe Midge Orchid
We saw other species of Corunastylis as well, and I will post about them in the coming days.


mick said...

Tiny, beautiful flowers! The last photo really puts them in perspective. I reckon you have to develop special orchid eyes to find flowers that well camouflaged!

Denis Wilson said...

Yes, Mick, you are right.
We refer to getting your eye "IN", being able to spot these things.
For me, I also have to get my knees "in", as I have to lie on the ground to take my close-up images. And then I have to stand up again.
Its getting harder.
Or is the ground getting further away?

Flabmeister said...


Thanks for this tip. It is closer to our place so I hope to get out there sometime in the next few days.

Your comment about the ground getting further away is another proof of my "Theory of Relatively Everything". In terms of my running, kilometres have got 10% longer. However, as judged by the way it fits my waist, my belt has got 10% shorter so relatively all is the same!


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin.
When we set off I thought we were going to Sassafras, but we continued on. I was very conscious of the fact that it is almost "your area".
Happy to "share" as you put it.
Re the relativities, it is the same with birding too. The calls of small birds get softer, but the shrieks of baby Yellow-tailed Black Cockies get more annoying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Denis, now I know why AC / DC with the devil horns. They are inspired by this orchid. ;-)


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Peter.
Yes there is another related plant known as the Corunastylis cornuta.
Your comment is confirmed.

I had not made the AC/DC connection.
To be honest, I cannot see those guys being patient enough to lie on the ground to study these little things, but none-the-less, your comment is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Should only be a joke, Denis. Angus and colleagues would consider this delicate creature (like most people) not feeling well. A little to see but the petals began to look like horned. Our orchid Listera ovata, looks more like a blade of grass.

Best regards Peter

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Peter
Your comment was appropriate.
It does look horned - just very tiny.
There is another Orchid called the Horned Orchid, which I have posted about before Orthoceras strictum
It looks more like Mick Jagger than Angus Young - it sticks its tongue out.