Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Diuris pardina at Medway.

I went a few weeks ago to a favourite spot at Medway, south-west from Berrima. There were no Orchids in evidence then, alas.

I tried again today, and found lots and lots of Diuris pardina in flower. The little yellow ears were waving everywhere, in the strong wind blowing today.

My Blogging colleague Martin reported on this plant seen at 6-mile TSR, near Bungendore, a few days ago. I have previously seen them at Goulburn, on Governor's Hill.
Diuris pardina from front, and side of  a second flower

Diuris pardina - flat creamy ears, lateral sepals twisted under flower

Note the fine spots on the rear of the "ears" of Diuris pardina
Here is a comparative image of Diuris maculata (left)  
and Diuris pardina (on right).
Diuris maculata and Diuris pardina
Note the clearer yellow colour on D. maculata, and the fewer spots behind the "ears" (see image two-above for that feature).

I have previously posted better images of this species, from Goulburn. I hope to get back there to try to get cleaner photos, on the weekend when the weather improves.


Flabmeister said...


Good luck with the better weather on the weekend!

Is it not (linguistically) strange that D. maculata has less spots!


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin
Re the linguistic inconsistencies,
D. punctata is the worst example. Out local form has no spots (dots) at all.
I wonder if the person who named it thought of it has having "points" (which it does have). Unfortunately, the laws of nomenclature do not allow for silly names to be revised.