Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ABC Radio Program "Birdland" and video imagery as well.

My daughter Zoe sent me this message
I believe this is the radio documentary your friend mentioned (on Facebook). I heard it on RN on Thursday.
But first please check out the youtube link I put below- it shows a slideshow of PHENOMENAL bird photos that was exhibited at Federation Square in conjunction with the Birdland project.
Video to accompany "Birdland" and shown at Fed Square
The ABC Documentary Zoe mentioned may be downloaded from the link below.
The Program runs for about 55 minutes, so be prepared to download it, and once it is fully downloaded and cached you can then save the file and replay it at your convenience.
The ABC site introductory comments for this program are as follows:

How would Australians feel if bird numbers diminished so much that the sight of a bird became a rarity, instead of a given. Australia's bird populations are under threat - even such iconic and common birds as the Kookaburra are diminishing in numbers.

The Birdland project asked Radio National listeners to tell us what birds really mean to them. Responses ranged from audio to text, and images. The best contributions are a part of and have informed the direction of the radio documentary. The result is a special exploration of what birds mean to Australians... and how we'd feel if they were gone.

As well as the radio broadcast, Birdland also became a slideshow, at Federation Square, Melbourne, which you can see below.

Music on the show was by Gretchen Miller, Russell Stapleton, Boyd, Stephen Adams, Bree Van Reyk, Alex Anderson, Rose Lang, Sean Scott, Al Kash, Terry Plunkett and Ashley Holmes. Poems and writing by Anne M Carson, Catherine Evans, Judy Fander, Maya Ward, Willow, Marian Waller, Carolyn Leach Paholski, Rebecca Newman, Belinda Hansen and Barbara Henery.

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