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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Little Orange Fungus at Macquarie Pass

My friend James showed me an unusual, small round fungus he had recently found at Macquarie Pass. He found it sufficiently unusual that he bothered to record it on his phone. Fortunately, it was a fairly distinctive fungus, easy enough to "track down".

 Small orange ball fungus, on wood, with spiky scales.
Cyptotrama aspratum. Image by James

I wrote back to James as follows:
"Your little yellow/orange fungus, with the scales or spikes on the cap seems to be Cyptotrama aspratum.
As with many Fungi, it has a wide (in this case "pan-tropical") distribution, which in this interpretation, can include us, (despite our recent cold start to summer). It is absent from Europe and Northwestern North America.

In Bruce Fuhrer's "Field Guide to Australian Fungi" he says:
"caps to 50mm across, covered with distinctive pointed fibrillose scales when young,
which fall off as the cap expands.
Found on decaying wood in tropical and subtropical forest"

And it is here on a NSW website

Wikipedia records it too.


Snail said...

These have just finished at my place. They're rather splendid little things!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Bronwen
Good to know that they exist in your area.
They are said to be "pan-tropical" in their distribution.
I have not ever seen that.
Our local rainforest is classed as "cool-temperate".
The Macquarie Pass, although less than 10 Km away, is lower, and much warmer than here.