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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Corunastylis apostasioides rampantly in flower at present

Corunastylis apostasioides is famous for being a plant which seldom bothers to open its flowers, in order to get pollinated.

It is not alone in that - a number of other Orchids are said to be self-fertilising***, if conditions are not right for the insects.

But this plant is so completely hairy inside the flower itself, that it seems it has abandoned some of the regular sex organs. I cannot comment upon that, as obviously that requires microscopic analysis, and someone knowing what it is they are looking at or looking for, to make those pronouncements.
Corunastylis apostasioides - labellum open.
As an observer, I can say however, that this week, a humid week, I have seen more Corunastylis apostasioides flowers open than I have ever seen before.
Corunastylis apostasioides - normally shy to open - has 3 open flowers.
*** PlantNET says of this plant: "Flowers cleistogamic or opening to c. 5 mm across, yellowish green with a reddish labellum."
cleistogamous: of flowers that remain closed and are self-pollinating and set fertile seed.

So, there's a Word Challenge for you.


Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

The definition of that big word gives some insight into the sex life of the plant. Mmmmm....won't comment further on that!

Denis Wilson said...

Well, seemingly when the conditions are right for insects, they do open. So it is not w*nking in preference to insect pollination, it is their back-up option.