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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Local endangered Greenhoods having good year.

Down along the one of the local creeks the Beautiful Greenhood (Diplodium pulchellum) is just starting to flower.
EDIT: I have corrected the previously published references to this plant as the "Illawarra Greenhood". Kirsten has pointed out that name is applied to Pterostylis gibbosa. There is another more suitable name, the Waterfall Greenhood, but as I have demonstrated previously, they don't always live beside waterfalls.
Re the use of Pterostylis vs Diplodium, I stick by my choice to follow the "new names" (for Orchids generally) and especially with the Greenhoods, because that term covers such a vast assortment of forms of plants, whereas Bunochilus or Diplodium gives the naturalist a clue as to the form of the plant, and when in the field, what to look for.

I found one mature flower, 
3 new flowers just opening, 
and several buds.
Beautiful Greenhood (Diplodium pulchellum)
a fine mature flower
Beautiful Greenhood (Diplodium pulchellum)
New flower developing
Beautiful Greenhood (Diplodium pulchellum)

Rosette of Beautiful Greenhood
Diplodium pulchellum)

Given the "vulnerable" status of this plant,
it is very gratifying that I also found 
many, many rosettes
of young non-flowering plants.
Lovely fresh rosettes of Beautiful Greenhood
Diplodium pulchellum)
Lots of new rosettes of Beautiful Greenhood
Diplodium pulchellum)
The mature flower of Beautiful Greenhood
(Diplodium pulchellum)
This plant is listed as "Vulnerable" under the NSW Threatened Species Legislation. mostly because of its restricted range and a preference for a very limited habits in which it likes to grow.

I especially like it as it is a Robertson local.
I love this plant to bits. 

Elsewhere, in the same creek valley
 the lovely green ("Alba") form 
of Chiloglottis sylvestris is in flower.

Alba form of Chiloglottis sylvestris

Alba form of Chiloglottis sylvestris
This species is on its southern most limit of its range here near Robertson.


Anonymous said...

Just to be argumentive it isnt the Illawarra Greenhood, the Pterostylis gibbosa is. And YES I still stick to the old name of Pterostylis till it is changed at the State Herbarium level. I believe dividing them up too much just makes it more comlicated for those that arent orchid freaks, whereas most people with a little plant knowledge know Pterostylis is a Greenhood. Maybe they should refer to the other names as sub-genera.

Nice pics!!!


Denis Wilson said...

Well aren't you the Clever Clogs!
I was avoiding the other name starting with W-F, to protect the location.
But you are right about it not being Illawarra Greenhood.
I was being lazy as my copy of Jonesies book is in the car, and it was pouring last night.
Re Pterostylis, it might be correct, but meaningless to the normal citizen.
Like calling all Canines "dogs", incl Foxes, Wolves, "Dogs" and then within "dogs", not distinguishing St Bernards from Chihuahuas.
Technically accurate, but not helpful.
But when talking with RBG and those "officials" you need to pretend to be as silly as they are, so as to not show them up.