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Christmas Bells
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Friday, January 04, 2013

Good News for the High Country in Victoria

The Baillieu government has failed in its legal bid to overturn a ban by the Commonwealth on its plans to return cattle grazing to the Alpine National Park.
In a judgment handed down in the Federal Court on Friday, Justice Susan Kenny dismissed Victoria's case on all grounds and ordered the state to pay legal costs.
The Baillieu government had wanted to run a six-year trial to test whether cattle grazing curbed bushfire risk by reducing fuel loads.


Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

What wonderful New Year news! This Federal Court is getting pretty hotshot - dishing and dissing the LibNats over the Brough conspiracy and now standing guard over our National Parks. Let's put out hands together for this branch of the Feds!

Le Loup said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

Great news.