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Christmas Bells
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hottest Day Ever, in Robbo

Temperature in Robertson today, was 38.3 C at 13:51 on 18 January 2013.

Well, as records go, this is not statistically "robust". But it has to stand, simply because the Robertson Automatic Weather Station, run from the local Rural Fire Service shed, in Robertson is the only "official" weather station in Robertson, and it has been in operation for about two years only.
However, a record is there, now, until broken in the future.

It certainly was a hot and nasty day.

Fortunately,  a cool change arrived just after 6:00 PM, and it dropped the temperature by more than 15 degrees C.

My friend Vicki had a snake alarm in the middle of the afternoon. I had been advised by someone, after Matt's encounter with a Copperhead at his front door, that hosing the area where a Snake is known to be hiding will encourage the Snake to move away. In this case I didn't see the Snake, but Owen had used his phone camera to record the colour of the Snake and its dull, slatey colour is typical of a Copperhead. So, I helped hose down the garden bed at Vicki and Owen's front door, and although we did not see a Snake making its escape, I am confident that we would have altered the local environment sufficiently, to make the Snake feel less "at home" than it had been previously.

Vicki then "threw together" a very fine meal, which we all enjoyed. And as I left I realised the longed-for cool change had arrived. Hooray.

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