Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Robbo Show went on, despite cold rain.

It takes more than a bit of rain to stop the Robbo Show.

No doubt the "takings" will be down, but in general I can say that the Pavillion exhibits, (even the flowers which of course are the items most susceptible to weather problems) were of a very good standard. Many of the Arena events had to be cancelled - all the horse events were cancelled several days in advance on the basis of the need to ensure safety of riders and their mounts. They couldn't do otherwise, in my opinion. The Dairy Cattle judging took place, as normal.
Friday morning - no horse events on the Arena.
But,. fortunately, on Saturday morning, the weather was clear at 10:00am, when the Pet Competitions were on. The kids and their Pets were very pleased. Some of the other outside events continued, including the formal dog show (classes and judging). Sideshow Alley was in full swing, though no doubt they would be a bit disappointed with the weather keeping the "fun atmosphere" dampened down.
One of the Locals, with her award-winning pet Rat.

Over in the cattle Yard, the beef cattle were being displayed and judged.
Some of the other outdoor events, including the Dog Fence Jumping event were cancelled. I left once that cancellation was announced. That has allowed me to come home to dry out and warm up.
Sister Superior and her Soul Mate Dog

Everybody - it time to call it quits.
Too much of  a good thing is about to get ugly.

I didn't stay for the Demolition Derby, but no doubt it has gone ahead, despite potential damage to the playing surface of the Robertson Oval - because the local Rev Heads love the demolition derby - despite the mess it makes of the Oval.

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