Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, September 30, 2013

Peonies starting - new season flowers

The first of my Peonies have a started over the last few days.

The favourite is Tree Peony "Good Lady" - which was bred in Melbourne by Dr Bernard Chow.

Tree Peony "Good Lady"

Tree Peony "Good Lady"

Tree Peony "Good Lady"
The first of my Herbaceous Peonies is also starting.
From memory, this is Paula Fay - the first of my hybrid herbaceous peonies to flower this year.

Paula Fay - Hybrid Herbaceous Peony
A clump of Paula Fay flowers
I grow my herbaceous peonies in full sun.
The weather of last week has been really tough
especially the wind.
I dribble water onto the roots of these plants
whenever hot, dry wind is predicted.

For people wanting to grow herbaceous Peonies, here is a quick (American) video on planting out your bare-rooted Peony plant.

I fully agree with the advice to plant them (only ever) as bare-rooted plants which you ought buy in Autumn. (Americans call it "Fall"). Always buy from a recognised Peony grower.
  • I do not recommend buying potted plants from a local nursery in Spring, as you do not get to see what you are buying. You have to buy good roots, like Carrots or Parsnips to know you are getting a good strong plant.
  • I do not buy from large mail order plant companies, as they are not specialist Peony growers, and tend to buy their plants from another grower.

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