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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Aenetus eximia - Green Ghost Moth

I have written about a similar species twice, previously, because at first I did not realise the male and female were in the same species.
I originally mis-identified this as Aenetus scotti, but Dr. Dave Britton from Australian Museum has corrected me. Thanks Dave. I can now provide the correct name,and links.
Aenetus eximia
Australian Moths on Line has a set of specimens illustrated.
Don Herbison-Evans also has good information and photos on his site.

The related Swift Moths appear in early winter, but these ones seem to arrive in November or December. However, with the warm weather we have had this year, all my plants are coming into flower early. So that might be a trend.

Aenetus eximia
First time I have seen this species.
As one of my Facebook friends commented tonight,
"It looks like a Green Leaf, but with wings".
Aenetus eximia
The wing spots and dark blobs along the leading edge
of the forewings are matched on the ANIC dried specimen.
Dried specimens often lose some colour (the silver dots).
Head and small antennae of Aenetus eximia
The small antennae make me believe this is a female.

Showing the bright pink tonings of the hind-wings.
In this regard, it shows similarities to the Swift Moths
which are also in the same family Hepialidae
Aenetus eximia on my fly screen

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