Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Autumn in Robertson.

The small Autumn-flowering Orchids of Tourist Road are starting to flower.
In addition, the insects have been swarming and Swallows flocking and swooping in the sky above my house. I love seeing Swallows, as there was a nest built inside my house when it was only half complete. Messy, but I take the European view of Swallows as being companion animals to humans.

Eriochilus cucculatus
note the "pollinia" dislodged by an unsuccessful pollinator.
Dave Rentz advises me that this is a
"species of Conocephalus, but I would need to see a male
and its private parts to go any further.
(How’s that for dodging the issue!)"
 The small brown-coloured Tiny Greenhoods (Speculantha sp) are also starting to flower. 

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Denis Wilson said...

Brigid. In your area, you will get yellow leaves and crisp white frosts soon enough.