Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photos of raindrops on plants, fungi in Robertson

This is why we get excited about rain in Robertson.
The Rainforest comes to life, literally, when we have had some rain.

Everything glows when light strikes it. 

Ferns and mosses absorb moisture and hold it.
Fungi suddenly appear from the forest floor, or out of rotten wood in trees.

Two creamy parasol fungi growing
from the forest floor.
Coachwood "seeds" have now fallen,
and lie there awaiting germination.

Some Jelly Fungus (Ear Fungus) live all year round as hard dried up leathery lumps, then soften and shed their spores when rain arrives.
And on the forest floor seedlings sprout, and a new crop of Coachwood seeds coats the ground underneath these huge trees. They will sprout in their masses, but few will survive to become mature trees - because the mature trees in the forest only need replacing in small numbers each year, after storms bring them crashing down.

Coachwood seeds lie thick on the ground
underneath these huge trees.
Many will germinate, but few will make it to mature size
They are not needed, because in the Nature Reserve,
the mature trees are well protected by eachother,
and so storm damage is minimal.
Many more photos are visible at this Facebook Album.
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