Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Paint Fungus - are hardly ever noticed.

"In many cases one of these fruiting bodies looks just like a layer of paint on the underside of wood lying on the ground. The "paint" layer may be thin or thick, it may be smooth or with some wrinkles, bumps, or very short" spines". Source: Heino Lepp ANBG.
A small twig from a Pinus radiata tree.
It is little thicker than a regular biro.
It was lying on the ground underneath this huge tree.
I showed it to my friend David Wallace, at the CTC Robertson
because the huge Pine tree is a significant tree in Robertson
and is located in the grounds of the Anglican Church
night next door to the CTC.

Paint Fungus are virtually unknown,
except to specialist Mycologists
(who are very few and far between).
Here you can see that the Paint Fungus
was growing underneath the twig
and the foliose lichen which uses chlorophyll
and hence needs sunlight, is growing on top.

Here is a shot of the Foliose Lichen
The Paint Fungus is neatly shaded underneath the twig.
Protected from the harsh effects of the Sun.

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